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Wilson Bull House 202

Community Markham Village
Year Constructed:  1855
Address: 28 Church Street
Research credit: George Duncan January 2005

In 1855, Joseph Tomlinson, the owner of the south 100 acres of Lot 12, Concession 8, sold Lot 2, Block I, Markham Village Plan 18 to Thomas Wilson. Thomas Wilson was a local merchant. It is thought that he may have purchased the property as an investment and did not reside there. In 1856, Wilson sold the lot to a local carpenter-joiner, Henry Bull. The significantly higher price paid by Bull is an indication that the property had been built upon during the brief period of ownership by Thomas Wilson. It is possible that Henry Bull built two identical houses on Lot 2, Block I on behalf of Wilson, and then purchased the property for his own use.

Henry Bull sold the eastern portion of Lot 2, Block I to Thomas White, a blacksmith, in 1859 (number 32 Church Street). The selling price noted in the deed abstracts is an indication that the property contained a house. In 1863, Bull sold his own residence, the modest frame house that still stands at 28 Church Street, to Frederick J. Dignan Smith, a young barrister whose presence on the property is indicated in the 1871 census.

1855 Joseph Tomlinson sold Lot 2, Block I, Plan 18 to Thomas Wilson - price: L34
1856 Thomas Wilson sold Lot 2 to Henry Bull - price: L450
1859 Henry Bull sold east part of Lot 2 to Thomas White price $650
1863 Henry Bull sold west part of Lot 2 (his own residence) to Frederick Smith price $350
1871 Frederick Smith sold west part of Lot 2 to William Smith
1891 William Macdonald sold west part of Lot 2 to Marion Purvis price $600
1906 Marion and John Teece sold to Annie Cross price: $550
1910 Annie Cross sold to William Ashman price: $650
1914 William Ashman sold to Frederick Harvey price: $1200
1915 Frederick Harvey sold to H. S. Snider price: $1230
1922 H. S. Snider sold to Henry Churchill price: $2300
1925 Henry Churchill sold to Charles and Mary Irish price $1,000 plus mortgage

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