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Charles Chapman 252
Charles Chapman was born on the 23rd of April, 1836 in Lincolnshire, England. He married Agnes Foster (b. 1833) if St. John, New Brunswick. Together they had eleven children: Harry (b. 1858), Mary Harriet (b. 1859), Anne Louise (b. 1861), Charlotte (b. 1863), Bertha (b. 1864), Charles (b. 1865), Edgar (b. 1867), Alice (b. 1871), Jabez (b. 1872), Albert Arthur (b. 1874), and Augusta Florence (b. 1877). His family are Can. Methodists and his children from Bertha onwards at the very least were born in Ontario.

In the 1861 census, Charles Chapman is listed as a butcher who lives in Concession 7, Lot 11. In the 1881 Markham Village Census, Charles Chapman is listed as an “agent” (likely for the sales of musical instruments).

Charles Chapman purchased the plot of land which is now known as 4 Main Street Markham North, from Thomas Speight on December 14, 1870 for a price of $400. This was a 1/5 of an acre plot of land.

Charles Chapman built the house at 4 Main Street Markham North and became a village merchant selling organs, pianos and melodeons. Some of this house served as a showroom.

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