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Cornell Subdivision 115
Community Cornell
Year Constructed:  2000
Address: Between th 9th Line and Reesor Road in the East End of Markham
The Naming of Cornell Subdivision

Legend has it that the Late Paul Mingay suggested the family name of Cornell for the New Urbanism subdivision in the east end of Markham. His suggestion was to honour the two wives of Christian Reesor 1794 1877. Christian Reesor was one of the descendents of the Berczy Settlers who founded Markham.

Christian Reesor married Elizabeth Cornell (Of Cornell University fame) 1801-1832, and they lived on Reesor Road next to the Reesor Cemetery. They were married about 1818 and had 6 children: Fanny, William D., Christian, John, Anna, and Darius. Elizabeth passed away in 1832, and Christian married a niece of his first wife, Melissa Cornell 1845-1899 in 1866. They had 5 children; Albert, Melissa, John, Frederick, and Maude. Maude was born in 1877, the same year Christian Reesor died at age 83.

Elizabeth and Melissa are buried in the Reesor Cemetery.

I am certain that they would be pleased to know that there is a subdivision named in their honour, and that it is filled with young families and lots of children.

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