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Dickson Hill 197

Community Dickson Hill
Year Constructed:  1834
Address: Highway # 48 and 19th Avenue
Research by Ruth Burkholder
The Community of Dickson Hill was named for John Dickson, a Millwright and mill owner who established a grist mill on Lot 30, Concession 8 during the period of 1843-44. The mill pond for this establishment was located on the tributary near the south east corner of Highway 48 and 19th Avenue. This Tributary of the Rouge River has been re-named Dickson Hill Creek in honour of John Dickson as he had a direct connection with the tributary. The community’s early development is linked to the Creek as many early communities evolved around the mill site.

Information from Ruth Burkholder – Chair, Whitchurch Stouffville Street Naming Committee. 2006

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