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42 Joseph Street 195

Community Markham Village
Address: 42 Joseph Street
42 Joseph Street is part of the original Village of Markham.

The house was at one time owned by Mary Glen who would take in students as boarders for the High School across the road at 55 Albert Street. The current owners, Pam and Bob Clements, have done a lot of work on the house including raising it to build a basement and solid foundation. The house was moved back to allow the south part of the porch to be on the original foundation line while maintaining the same proximity to the street line.

The verticle siding is the second layer. The underneath layer is small slat horizontal siding. The summer kitchen was removed as a last minute decision when the basement was dug. (Pam said, "It was a last minute decision on our part, but probably planned by the house movers!")

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