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The Corner of Highway #7 and Main Street 35

Community Markham
The Corner of Highway #7 and Main Street
It is on this spot, that the outlaw Red Ryan shot and killed Mr. Stonehouse during a botched auto theft. Mr. Stonehouse had a garage where the Petro Canada is today. He had set up an alarm system by tying one end of a string to the garage door, and the other to a bell at the top of the stairs in his house. One night the bell was ringing furiously! He and his son, Jim, ran down the stair while loading their shotguns! They got to the front door just as his sedan was being backed out of the garage. Mr. Stonehouse jumped on one running board, Jim on the other. At point blank range, Red Ryan stuck a gun in the belly of Mr. Stonehouse and fired! Then he shot Jim Stonehouse. Red Ryan was a ‘reformed criminal who was out on parole and part of his ‘community service’ was to do a regular radio broadcast of C.F.R.B. about the evils of the criminal ways. It was an inspiration to many listeners. The irony was that right after Ryan’s radio Broadcast, Jim Hunter who lived and grew up in Markham was sitting right across the desk from Ryan with the lead story of the terrible murder in quiet Markham.
Red Ryan was eventually shot while robbing in Sarnia Ontario.


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